We provide total solutions, to help you optimise your social media presence and social selling, promote your brands and products, and offer strategic business, political and PR support on social media.

We are professionals with over 30 years of experience in business, communications and politics, working with a large community of associates and partners who have a global presence on social media.

We are a start-up that provides social media and publicity services, specialising in Twitter, to clients worldwide with English- and Greek-language accounts.

We provide social traffic, facilitate engagement, brand messaging, and offer support for developing strategy and social media training.

Clients vary from business enterprises to politicians, and from artists to non-governmental organisations.

Why Twitter

  • Well-suited for business use
  • Connecting and engaging with clients
  • Promoting brands, services and products
  • Fostering brand loyalty
  • Getting feedback
  • Marketing
  • Disseminating brand developments
  • Giving away coupon codes and promotions
  • Monitoring competition
  • Increasing sales
  • Leading the public to your website/blog/chat/Facebook page
  • Getting free analytics
  • Tweets can become viral