We provide a variety of services on Twitter that offer practical solutions to achieve the different goals for clients across all industries.

Training & support

Our hands-on training and workshops (one-to-one or in small groups) will transform you and your staff into knowledgeable Twitter users, for better digital performance to serve happier customers. You will learn how to work smarter, not harder, by mastering campaigns, using tools, creating interesting content, achieving engagement and increasing followers.

We also offer creative strategic feedback on how to best represent your brand on Twitter.

And whenever you need assistance – small or big – we are just a phone call away!


Consulting services may be provided, according to your specific needs and goals.

Tweet promotion

In today’s crowded social landscape, it is difficult to get your message noticed and read by a large number of people. This is where our expertise comes in achieving high reach and getting your message seen by the right audience through organic promotion. This leads to increased Impressions (Twitter defines Impressions as the users who actually viewed tweets). It is achieved through retweets by our network of accounts or Promoted tweets, using Twitter ads, or a combination of both.

Managing Clients’ Twitter accounts

If you do not have the resources or knowledge to create and manage your Twitter account, we can step in and do it for you and then promote your content.

Promotion for clients without Twitter accounts

Twitter is a viral network for businesses, influencers, politicians and the media. Creating a successful Twitter account takes time and effort. If you do not wish or do not have the resources to create and run your own Twitter account, we can step in and help you reach your prospective clients without you having to create and maintain an account.

We host your messages on one of our relevant specialised accounts and link them to your website, blog or Facebook page. We then promote it through our network, driving traffic to your website/blog/Facebook page.

Influencer Marketing

Using the SocialWiz specialised accounts and the directors’ accounts, SocialWiz offers influencer marketing. Influencer marketing increases reach and engagement, since it involves posting tweets relevant to clients, using pre-agreed content. This may be done either for a specific campaign or for the promotion of an account in a continuous way.

Promotion of Tweets posted on Accounts owned by Third Parties

SocialWiz can promote on an ad hoc basis tweets of interest to clients that are either posted on accounts owned by third parties or are hosted on one of SocialWiz’s accounts with a link to the website of the third party. These tweets will be promoted through the SocialWiz network, thus increasing reach and impressions. This is an effective strategy, since such testimonials are more engaging and effective than branded content.

Crisis Management

Social media can move blindingly fast, but sometimes not to our advantage. This can make a Public Relations crisis exponentially worse. SocialWiz has the experience to advise how to tackle crises head-on, minimising damage and managing your brand image and reputation. We will advise on a plan of action and implement it together with you.

The SocialWiz Difference

The success of the company stems from the fact that both Directors (@MariosKaratzias and @RitaKaratzia) are active on Twitter, understand the psychology of the network and its users, are among the largest accounts in Cyprus and have built a strong network of accounts. 

SocialWiz collaborates with a community of Twitter users, which, in conjunction with the specialised accounts the company has developed, promotes clients through organic retweets and posts. It is our understanding that there is no other company in Cyprus that can organically promote messages on Twitter in the same manner.

The network of SocialWiz has a reach of over 56 million users per month worldwide and a total of half a million followers. This network, in combination with Twitter ads, can reach target audiences in Cyprus, Europe, UK, USA, the Middle East or elsewhere. SocialWiz can help you reach your goals and to carry out national and international Twitter campaigns, for the promotion of brands, people, NGOs, products and services. 

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