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We build twitter presence, awareness, campaigns and organic traffic

Twitter Experts at your disposal

Whatever business you are in you can trust our experienced team with your Twitter presence and strategy. Whether or not you have a Twitter account, we’ll take your reach to the next level!.

Why twitter?

Do you want your company to be more transparent and build better relationships with your ideal clients? Twitter can help you curate your message and reach people who are interested in what you say and what you sell. It is also a place you can publicly answer questions and interact with your target demographic in a cost-efficient way. It’s a way to build your brand while promoting solidarity and community.​

Who we Are

We are a social media consultancy and media house specialising in Twitter. From our offices in Cyprus, we help our clients to reach their digital goals. Our happy clients include businesses, service providers, NGOs, public individuals, politicians, and government departments. We are experts in formulating tactics and strategies around our clients’ needs and budgets, and we will do the same for you!

What we do

Everybody can use Twitter but making the most out of it takes dedication and specialised training. SocialWiz fast tracks this process and helps you deliver your message to thousands of users. We will support you in every step of the way, from training and managing your account, to reaching your target audience and becoming an influencer in your market segment. We will teach you best practices, provide guidance during crises and help you gain confidence when using this viral network.

How we do it

Our services can be customised to meet your specific needs. We have a powerful network of specialised accounts, with an average reach of over 56 million users per month. We own some of the largest specialised Twitter accounts in Cyprus, covering business, travel, wellbeing, beauty, women's interests, entrepreneurship, technology, and current affairs. We also act as influencers by posting our clients’ content on our accounts. When we promote or manage your Twitter account, you benefit from a strong presence without having to worry about day-to-day management.

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